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Integrated Neurology Is Transitioning to a Membership Model.

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

When I started my private practice 25 years ago, my aim was to ensure that all my patients would receive the high quality, personalized care that reflects my dedication, commitment, and genuine love of caring for people. This is what my family has done for generations.

The practice of neurology requires spending adequate time with patients and listening to them carefully. All physicians require time to think in order to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for every patient. There are no shortcuts. Additional time is required to keep up to date on the latest research and treatments.

Practicing neurology in a patient-centric fashion has become increasingly challenging. I spend more time every year fighting obstacles to your care created by insurance companies. Obtaining coverage for appropriate medications and indicated testing requires reams of paperwork and pleading with non-neurologist insurance physicians. My time is better spent with you, my patients, discussing your concerns, developing health plans, researching your conditions, and coordinating your care with the other physicians on your team.

Prior to and throughout the pandemic I have adapted by providing my patients with telemedicine services and up to the minute treatment and prevention advice to ensure that your care was never compromised.

The operational costs of running a medical practice are constantly increasing while insurance reimbursements are constantly in decline. Insurance companies compensate physicians based on the diseases they diagnose; preventative neurologic testing and care,

and my approach to promote brain health, are not relevant to them.

Over 25 years, I have developed a program of preventative neurology focused on promoting brain health in order to improve your future neurologic function. I will continue to practice in this fashion, rather than only reacting when something goes wrong.

I am losing the ability to provide you the time you deserve. I have struggled with this. In order to maintain high quality standards, I must institute a practice membership fee of $270 per patient per quarter. A yearly membership is available for $900. This will allow me to provide you with the attention and medical expertise you deserve.

If you have an existing appointment with me, it will be honored without the membership fee.

Should you choose to see another neurologist, I will provide recommendations and transition your care smoothly and promptly. I will be available for your neurologic care during this transition.

This membership model is not new, but it is new to me. With all new paths there are bumps along the way. I appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue this journey together.

I want to thank you for entrusting me with your neurologic health. It has been an honor and a privilege to care for you. I wish you continued good health and happiness, whatever path you choose.


Madhureeta Achari, MD

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