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We Are A Membership Practice

Integrated Neurology is a membership practice. This means that our practice charges a membership fee per patient, an out-of-pocket cost which is not covered by insurance. Patients have the option of paying quarterly, or yearly. The membership model allows Dr. Achari to spend more time with patients and continue the level of care that makes her practice unique.

What makes her practice unique? A core focus on physician-patient relationship.


  • Dr. Achari has a holistic approach to her Neurology practice. Initial new patient visits are one hour, and include a detailed assessment of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, medical history, and diagnostic testing.

  • Dr. Achari prefers to deal with her patients directly; between appointments patients have the option of communicating with her by phone or by patient portal messaging.​

  • Dr. Achari does not have a Medical Assistant (MA), Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) in her practice. Consultation, coordination with other physicians, refill review and all decisions concerning patient care go directly through Dr. Achari. This means that not only do you get consistent, continuous care, you get personalized care, which is the essence of a good physician-patient relationship.

Follow this link to view the membership agreement. Please call the office for more information.

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