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Medication Policies

Prescriptions & Refill Policy:

For your safety and to avoid medication errors, please ask your pharmacy to request all refills electronically or by fax.

  • Be sure your Pharmacy has recorded the spelling of your name, date of birth and all contact information accurately.

  • Be aware that refill authorizations requested after 12pm on Friday will be processed the following Monday.


Help Prevent Medication Errors:

We are always striving to establish best practices where your care and treatment are concerned. That is why Dr. Achari is mindful to add enough prescription refills to last until your next appointment. However, some pharmacies send multiple requests for refills on prescriptions that are clearly authorized for refills. Unnecessary requests require Dr. Achari to verify each prescription again and this can cause a delay in the delivery of your medication, and may increase the possibility of your prescription being filled incorrectly.

ASK your pharmacist to DISCONTINUE automated refills for your account.

TELL Dr. Achari at the time of your appointment which medications    require a refill.

EMAIL an updated medication list before your appointment.

For your safety, it is your responsibility to inform us of ALL medications you are currently using. This includes: 

  • Prescription medications

  • Over the counter medications

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements

  • Herbal supplements, natural and synthetic supplements

  • Energy drinks and related products

  • Exercise and weight gain products

  • Weight loss products

  • Nicotine products (sachets or vape)

  • Caffeine and other natural stimulants

  • CBD and THC products

  • Recreational Substances

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