Become Our Patient

To become a new patient, call our office to schedule an appointment. Once you are established as a patient, you may use the patient portal we call Passport, to view appointments or ask to be rescheduled.


Dr. Achari is usually booked several weeks in advance. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an appointment reminder text or email from our EMR, Elation, a few days before your appointment. Please do not attempt to communicate by replying to this text, as it is used for reminders, confirmation and cancellations only.

As a NEW PATIENT, you will need to complete the following:

1. Completed & Signed Patient Forms. You will receive an email from echosign@integratedneurology.com with a link to our patient forms. Follow the link, complete, sign and hit SEND. Only when we have received completed/signed forms, IDs & Insurance information, will we HOLD and CONFIRM your appointment. Please complete as soon as possible in order to avoid cancellation.

2. Copies of your Photo IDInsurance cards (front and back) and COVID Vaccination record.

3. Signed Membership Agreement and payment of quarterly or annual fee.

4. Any labs or imaging that you would like Dr. Achari to review. Call our office to arrange delivery.