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Dr Reeta Achari Neurons

Madhureeta Achari, MD

What is 'Integrated Neurology'?

I am often asked about the name of my practice, Integrated Neurology. This name encompasses and represents my holistic approach to neurological issues as well as

brain and general health. My training is in allopathic medicine, which is science and evidence based. I also bring cultural philosophies and methodologies from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and others to my practice. Many of these practices, such as meditation, deep breathing, relaxation techniques and Tai Chi have been and continue to be studied for their benefits in managing illness and promoting health. 

I use medications as and when necessary and customize dosage regimens to each individual. I incorporate information about lifestyle (sleep, diet, exercise, etc.), cultural

and ancestral heritage, social structure (family/work) and other factors that may influence health and disease. This approach acknowledges the Brain-Body (Mind-Body) connection.  My ‘integrated’ approach uses a bio-psycho-social model enabling me to understand my patients’ lives allowing proper diagnoses and treatment. The knowledge also allows me to empower my patients with information not only to treat illness, but to promote health for themselves, their families and community.

My goal is to promote neurological health, prevent neurological diseases, when possible,

and treat when necessary. 

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