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Practice Changes in 2024

To My Patients,

It is always a privilege to care for you.

In 2021 I implemented a Membership Model for my practice. This Membership Model allowed me to continue providing direct, comprehensive, personalized neurologic care for you, the way I have for nearly 30 years. It has also allowed me to promote brain health and provide preventative neurology as part of your care.


This year, physician reimbursements have been cut again, down almost 4%, as they have for more than 10 years running. In addition, 2022 and 2023 saw some of the highest inflation rates in over 20 years.


My focus is always on outstanding patient care. As a small, independent medical practice I must also weigh the economic impacts of increasing overhead, decreasing reimbursements, and rising healthcare costs. In our current healthcare system this can be a struggle for both patients and independent physicians. Our rates for most services have remained unchanged for 10 years. In order to continue delivering direct, personal care, spending focused time with each of you, and coordinating care with your other physicians, I must raise the fees for most of our services. This decision is a difficult one. I look forward to continuing to be your neurologist.


However, I realize that some of you may not be able to remain with the practice. If you choose to see another neurologist, I am committed to making your transition as seamless as possible. My staff and I will miss you.


Thank you for the honor and privilege of being your doctor.


Madhureeta Achari MD, FAAN

Principal Neurologist, Integrated Neurology, PA

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