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Maintaining healthy weight? Try Dr. Reeta's diet!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Dr. Reeta’s Weight Management:

Weigh in, record your weight. Decrease portion size by 20% (1/5th) every 10 days.

When clothes are looser, weigh again. *NOT BEFORE!* If you’re hungry, have:

- 12 oz hot fruit/ spiced herbal tea

- 4 pistachios or peanuts, or pecans, or almonds

If you’re still hungry, drink water, walk or get busy doing something

Yogurt regimen once or twice a week

Yogurt Regimen

For Breakfast, Lunch, and at 4 PM:

4 oz Plain Whole Milk regular or Greek Yogurt (no thickeners, xanthum gum or preservatives).

Make smoothie with 6 oz water, ice cubes, 1 tsp honey OR pinch of salt and pepper and mint or dill. If you don’t like smoothies, eat the yogurt and drink 10 oz water.

For Dinner:

3 oz fish (salmon, tuna, snapper, mackerel, etc) baked, with lemon & herbs.

2 cups arugula or mixed lettuces with lemon juice.

1 cup of melon (cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon) twice during the day.

Remember to drink plenty of water with lemon juice. Total calories:

approximately 600 calories/day.

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