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Tips to get you moving!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

How do we remove the barriers to success for exercise?

If you dislike the term ‘exercise’ think of it as a stroll, a bike ride or a walk with a friend or neighbor.

Having another person to keep you accountable helps and makes activities more fun.

Given the extremes in our weather, having exercise equipment at home is a great idea. A treadmill, stationary bike or a rowing machine are all excellent. If needed, an under-desk elliptical can help you get 30 minutes of aerobic activity while you work at your desk or watch your favorite show. During the pandemic, I found myself sitting for 8 hours doing virtual visits. At the end of the day, everything hurt. To try and help myself, I got a Cubii Junior and have been using it daily ever since. I can make calls and work on my computer while still helping my brain get the exercise it needs. This is multi-tasking at its best!

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