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Did you know that excessive heat causes problems for the brain?

As we live through countless days of heat warnings, keeping cool is critical. Heat illness may range from mild heat exhaustion to serious, life-threatening heat stroke which can cause irreversible neurological issues. My term, “heat fatigue”, when you start to feel just a little tired in the heat, is the time to cool down and hydrate, before heat exhaustion occurs.

High heat and humidity can cause irritability, confusion, weakness, and dizziness. While hydration with cool water and electrolytes (1:2 fresh juice: water and perhaps a few pickle juice ice cubes) can help, exercising indoors in a safer alternative to being in excessive heat.

Remember that the brain, spinal cord and nerves are mainly myelin, a fat. The brain tries to regulate your body temperature, but it can only go so far when it becomes unstable itself.

So, keep it cool and stay safe.

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