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Happy Holidays from Dr. Reeta!

This Holiday is going to be different—there’s just no way around it! We have to think differently about how to celebrate safely with the people we love. We already know what to do to stay safe, (social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and avoiding large gatherings) but here are a few ideas for how to “wrap” your head around a COVID-safe Christmas!

Think smaller this year. Limit it to just your “bubble” of family members that you live with, or whom you KNOW have quarantined for at least 2 weeks before visiting. You may find that the intimacy you share this year with a limited gathering is just what you needed to feel closer.

  1. If you do a bigger gathering, (max 10 people) consider doing it outside on a patio, or in the front yard around fire, using socially distanced spacing of chairs.

  2. Remember: the Holidays don’t have to be about having the food and drink when you gather. Consider a “cookie-swap” where you prepare cookies in tins and exchange with loved ones to enjoy later.

  3. If you do want to share a meal together, think outside the box: Cornish game hens (a personal-sized bird) meats, seafood and veggies that can be served right off the grill on to platters that can be taken to each socially distanced table. Or, you could prepare small individual cheese plates for your guests to enjoy while socially distanced!

  4. Have you heard of Virtual Caroling? Singing and shouting can spread more virus in the air, so “Zoom Caroling” allows us to sing together virtually while being safe in our individual spaces.

Now is the time to embrace visiting virtually. We need human interaction now, more than ever. We just need to be safe this year, to enjoy the holidays yet to come.

Be well & stay safe,

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