During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have found that Virtual Visits deliver excellent continuity of neurological care! I will continue the virtual visit format, and here's why:

prevention Maintaining the safety of my patients, their families and my staff is my priority.


RISK People can carry & transmit COVID-19, even when they don't have symptoms.


LACK There is still a shortage of COVID-19 testing kits available. My supply of PPE is very limited & can be used only for emergencies.


KNOWLEDGE Although prevention is our priority, no one is totally safe until a vaccine is available.

When I do resume normal practice, it will be in accordance with scientific recommendations and I will continue to re-evaluate office visits based on the most current information as it becomes available.

Keep up the good work; wash your hands, avoid touching your face, wear your mask and maintain social distancing!

Dr. Reeta